EV Chargers in North Cornwall

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EV Chargers in North Cornwall

Looking for EV Chargers in North Cornwall?  Now we have a charger at Ekopod we’ve become more aware of how essential it is for EV drivers to know where to charge up during your adventures in North Cornwall.  So I’ve written this guide to help you find EV chargers in the area, hopefully to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, without range anxiety.  So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of North Cornwall with your electric vehicle!


EV chargers in North Cornwall – Public Charging Stations

North Cornwall is well-equipped with public charging stations located in towns and popular tourist destinations, so you should never be too far from a charge. We recommend using the Zap Map app to find up-to-date information on charger locations and availability.

Here are a couple petrol stations that you might be likely to stop at if you head out for the day in different directions:

– Padstow petrol station: 120 kW and 50 kWh – 27 miles from Ekopod

– Cornwall Services A30 Near Bodmin: 50 kWh, 12 chargers – 25 miles from Ekopod

– Holsworthy – BP petrol station 14 miles from Ekopod


EV chargers in North Cornwall- Hotels and Accommodation

Many hotels and accommodations in North Cornwall now offer EV charging facilities for their guests. Before booking your stay, check if the place you plan to stay offers EV charging options. Some hotels may have charging stations on-site, while others have partnerships with nearby charging networks. For example, we at Ekopod provide an EV charger onsite.

Bude Sea Pool

EV chargers in North Cornwall- Attractions

Several of Cornwall’s attractions now have EV chargers in their carparks so you can charge while you explore!

Here are our favourites:

Eden Project: 22 kW AC charging points in the Banana Car Park, use the Mer Connect app for charging. During peak season, a maximum stay of 4.5 hours or to full charge applies. – 29 miles from Ekopod

Tintagel Castle: two 7 kWh chargers at Tintagel Visitor Centre PL34 0AJ. – 12 miles from Ekopod

– Launceston Town Centre: Park in the Cattle Market Car Park and explore the town while your car is charging. Don’t miss highlights like the Norman Castle, St. Mary Magdalene Church and the steam railway.  For lunch we recommend West Gate Deli for delicious sandwiches! 11 miles from Ekopod

– Bude Beaches : Head to Bude for the day and park at Bude Tourist Information Centre for Superfast (43 kW and 50 kW) charging,  a parking ticket is required as well. There are also EV chargers at the Parkhouse centre and in the public carparking at Bude Golf Club.  There are two town beaches (Summerleaze and Crooklets) with lovely golden sand, rockpooling and a range of water sports to try and there are EV charging points (7kw)  in both of their car parks.  You’ll also find some lovely independent shops and cafes and the famous Bude sea pool.  There are also EV charges 17 miles from Ekopod


Potters Bude - EV chargers in North Cornwall

EV chargers in North Cornwall -Restaurants

There are also quite a few restaurants that either have them onsite or are near public carparks with them. Here are some suggestions:

-Enjoy delicious local produce (a lot directly from their own farm) and charge your EV at Strawberry Fields Farm Shop with 2 50 kW chargers from Pod Point. This farm shop, just over the border into Devon and 20 minutes away from Ekopod, has a restaurant and coffee bar with a dog-friendly outdoor area. It also offers various seasonal activities and a selection of farm animals to meet. Don’t miss the different “pick your own” opportunities throughout the year, from strawberries to sunflowers and pumpkins! 13 miles from Ekopod

Jamaica Inn: Located just off the A30 and made famous by Daphne du Maurier’s book, Jamaica Inn,  As well as offering lunch and dinner options it is a fascinating place to explore, with a smuggling museum and a small museum on the author . 8.5 miles for Ekopod

The Eagle Hotel Launceston.  This restaurant has  beautiful views over the surrounding countryside from it’s Terrace and is a 5 min walk from the cattle market 11 miles from Ekopod.  They also make their own gin!

-If you’ve parked in one of Bude’s carparks with EV charging their are several options for a lovely meal check out Ekopod’s online guidebook here for a full list of recommendations for restaurants in Bude.  The pic above is from Potters Bude.

Tintagel Castle


EV chargers in North Cornwall – Shopping

You can use the chargers in Launceston or Bude and do some shopping in either town.

If you’re doing a big food shop there’s a 24 hour Tescos on the outside of Launceston which has a 7KWH charger.  Their is also a costa, for coffees or lunch if you only have a small shop to do.  The Tescos in Wadebridge (7kwh) also has a charger.


Exploring North Cornwall in your electric vehicle is a lovely way to experience the region’s natural beauty while contributing to a cleaner environment. With an ever-expanding network of charging stations, you can confidently embark on your journey, knowing that you’ll have convenient access to charging facilities throughout your adventure.  We hope this list of EV chargers in North Cornwall is helpful, remember to use Zap Map to check the status of the chargers before you head out.

Happy and eco-friendly travels!

Rachael from Ekopod x

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