One of the most important things we want to do here is make our site as wildlife friendly as possible.

In 2020 we had a local ecologist to survey our site and draw up a habitat management plan to help us create more biodiversity.  You can read the survey we’ve had done here: Ekopod Ecological Survey Report and Management Plan July 2020 (1) We’re now working through this step by step to try and improve the site for wildlife.  Works we’ve completed include:

+ Thinning out the tree canopy in our woodland area to promote regeneration

+ Building wildlife ponds around the site

+ Clearing areas of bracken to make areas of wildflower meadow

+ Putting hedgehog homes, bat boxes and bird boxes up around the site

+ Planting new native trees around the site

We’ll be monitoring the results carefully, to check these actions have the desired out come of increasing the biodiversity on site.

In September 2020 two rescue hedgehogs Buddy and Lynsey were released back into the wild at Ekopod.  We built them some hedgehog houses and have a feeding station for them near on the right of the path (going down the hill) just above the lawn, before you get to the main barn area so please be careful with your dogs around there at night time!  Since then we have released another three hedgehogs Autumn, Locki and Harris.

In the spring and summer quite often swallows nest in the kitchens of Eyl and Nessa so if you have some swallow babies keeping you company please don’t worry, the parents seem not to care about humans being around.  We apologise for the mess they make and thank you for helping us look after them!  During lockdown, the only time that there weren’t humans around, was the only time they’ve not had a full survival rate of the babies. One night an unknown predator destroyed the nest. So it appears human activity actually makes the nest site safer.

We have dormice, bird and hedgehog boxes around site, bird feeding stations and deliberately keep a lot of the site wild to provide habit and shelter for all our insects, amphibians, birds and mammals. For your wildlife sightings you’ll have most luck early in the morning (especially with the deer).  We love to see your wildlife pics so please tag us in any you post on social media.

We’d love it while you’re here if you would consider downloading the ORKS app (Online Recording Kernow and Scilly) while you are here and record any wildlife you spot!

We’re proud business supporters of The Cornish Wildlife Trust

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